Cesspits, tanks and reservoirs

We manufacture a broad range of tanks and reservoirs as requested by our customers. They include mainly:

  • drinking water collecting tanks
  • storm water collecting tanks
  • wastewater collecting tanks

Our products are used primarily in areas with a lack of groundwater or missing sewerage infrastructure, and they meet all applicable technical and environmental standards. All tanks are made in the following designs:

  • underground tanks surrounded with a concrete lining
  • underground tanks with a gravel lining
  • free-standing aboveground tanks

The reservoirs and tanks are made of polypropylene or polyethylene, depending on the purpose. Our tanks and reservoirs are used by individual property owners, construction companies and chemical companies.

Zásobní nádrře pro dávkování chemikálií
Čerpací stanice splaškových vod
Akumulační dvouplášťová nádrž
Kalová nádrž pro úpravnu vody