Ecological services

Our ecological services include a wide range of activities directly or indirectly associated with protection of the environment. The most important activities in the environmental area are:

  • localization of ecological risks 
  • identification of the level of danger 
  • proposal of corrective measures 

As we are aware of the rapid developments in society, we not only specialize in historical and existing pollution but also focus on preventing ecological damage and accidents. Production companies in particular are now forced to adopt measures in agreement with applicable legislation, and they are very well aware that prevention of damage is always the best approach.

In dealing with existing pollution, we are able to provide:

  • professional studies and environmental expert opinions 
  • risks analyses 
  • investigation of pollution of the rock environment, groundwater and surface water 
  • monitoring of ground and surface water 
  • feasibility studies 
  • determination of remediation limits 
  • remediation projects and design documents for remediation works 

Our activities always comply with applicable methodologies of the Ministry of the Environment.

With respect to prevention, we also offer:

  • emergency plans 
  • environmental audits
  • services in emergency prevention and ecological damage 
  • standardized leakage tests of tanks and piping for nearly all types of media 
  • training in environmental protection