Wastewater treatment plants,digestion tanks and filters


We also manufacture equipment for treatment of wastewater in individual households. The equipment is suitable for locations with no municipal wastewater treatment plant or places that cannot be connected to a sewerage system. The products are subjected to strict quality inspection and tightness tests and are supplied according to the customer´s needs with regard to the location. The manufacturing process includes consultations with the client and equipment design.

Our products are designed for:

  • Individual wastewater treatment plants for family houses, cabins and cottages with effluents into water courses or infiltration into soil, e.g. watering of gardens. A precondition for proper functioning of an individual treatment plant is permanent or regular occupation of the house/dwelling.
  • Digestion tanks for family houses, cabins and cottages with limited occupation
  • Filters and ground filters are used as the second step of treatment where an individual wastewater treatment plant cannot be used

We manufacture our own series of standard products, and we also offer customized products per your specifications.