Technological equipment for industrial water treatment

We also offer technology supplies for parts of processes in chemical treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, particularly treatment of process water in industrial facilities.

Unlike our comprehensive deliveries of industrial wastewater treatment plants, we also offer optimization of existing solutions that fail to meet the current standards of purity and quantity of consumed water. Properly proposed modifications of water purification and treatment processes make it possible for our customers to optimize their existing sources of water, and to minimize the financial and ecological impacts of its pollution and consumption.

Despite the fact that in this case we do not provide a comprehensive delivery of new equipment, our targeted measures can result in significant savings, both financial and ecological.

Technological equipment for treatment of industrial wastewater:

  • Analysis of the current situation 
  • Proposed measures 
  • Implementation of the proposed measures 
  • Evaluation of the measures 

Our services focus on optimization of processes in purification of process water and industrial wastewater.