Water cleaning

Our company specializes in comprehensive supplies for municipal wastewater treatment plants and treatment plants for waste and process water in industrial facilities. 

Biological and chemical purification and chemical treatment 

The treatment of wastewater is divided into two basic categories: biological and chemical purification, and chemical treatment. The result of the biological process of wastewater purification is wastewater that can be discharged into water courses or infiltrated into the ground, or else treated and recycled for further use.

Chemical purification and treatment is a process used primarily for industrial water, from which undesired chemicals and other substances are removed. In most cases, the water is returned to production as process water. 

In the case of recycling wastewater, it is possible to achieve substantial savings in the consumption of drinking water. A significant part of the purification process is the treatment of storm water. Particularly in industrial complexes, storm water can be polluted from production processes performed in outdoor areas.

Services associated with wastewater treatment plants:

  • Treatment of municipal wastewater 
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater 
  • Comprehensive technology for wastewater treatment 
  • Technological equipment for treatment of industrial wastewater 
  • Technological proposals and designing (design documentation, legislation, building permits and consulting)

We use comprehensive systems that meet requirements for the best available technologies (BAT) in all categories of wastewater treatment plants. We use state-of-the-art systems in wastewater treatment plants for both municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants

Municipal wastewater treatment plants now represent one of the essential facilities needed by towns and villages. We offer construction of new wastewater treatment plants, as well as refurbishment and intensification of existing ones.


Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Quality water is not only important in general ecology – it is also a highly valuable commodity. Industrial facilities are therefore important clients in industrial wastewater treatment. Currently, the pressure has been increasing to ensure the economical and ecological management of water.


Technological proposals, designing

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant or water treatment plant needs to be preceded by a number of activities. Absolutely essential is compliance of the proposed treatment process with valid legislation, along with its approval by the affected state administrative bodies.


Technological equipment for industrial water treatment

We also offer technology supplies for parts of processes in chemical treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, particularly treatment of process water in industrial facilities.