Municipal wastewater treatment plants

Municipal wastewater treatment plants now represent one of the essential facilities needed by towns and villages. We offer construction of new wastewater treatment plants, as well as refurbishment and intensification of existing ones. Refurbishments of wastewater treatment plants are nearly always performed with the existing plant in operation, and this type of project needs a high level of expertise. The process of municipal wastewater treatment is based on basic biological principles functioning for centuries. However, innovations in wastewater treatment have brought new technological opportunities that make it possible to improve and optimize the process.
Another modern trend has been wastewater treatment plants for individual houses. They are preferred primarily in locations where a municipal plant cannot be developed for financial or technical reasons. Apart from a digestion tank or cesspit, such an individual treatment plant is the only available solution. The principles of wastewater treatment still remain the same. In the case of an individual wastewater treatment plant, it should be noted that it is a biologically balanced system that needs quite thorough care. To function and operate properly, the fundamental principles need to be observed. You will find more information in the section WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS, DIGESTION TANKS, FILTERS.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants:

  • Feasibility study
  • Design documentation and building permit for wastewater treatment plants
  • Implementation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants 

Our services include wastewater treatment plants with a capacity for 4 persons, to municipal wastewater treatment plants with a capacity up to an equivalent population of 5000, to wastewater treatment plants or technological parts for large urban agglomerations.

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