Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Quality water is not only important in general ecology – it is also a highly valuable commodity. Industrial facilities are therefore important clients in industrial wastewater treatment. Currently, the pressure has been increasing to ensure the economical and ecological management of water. And industrial facilities rank among the largest consumers, as well as polluters, of water.

The key objective of our services is to analyze the water management of our clients, and describe the flow process from the source, through consumption, to treatment and a return to the production process. Industrial wastewater treatment plants focus primarily on chemical purification and treatment.
Industrial wastewater treatment plants use two phases – biological and chemical. Each of the processes is determined by how the water is used in production; based on that information, we propose and implement an optimized purification process. Chemical treatment of water focuses on treatment of available sources of water, in order to meet standards required for its further utilization. Subsequent purification of polluted water may result in substantial savings in water consumption from the source, because the water can be returned to the production process.

The biological phase complements the chemical purification and treatment, and the remaining effluents that cannot be further processed are discharged in compliance with all applicable legislative requirements.

Industrial wastewater treatment plants:

  • Feasibility study 
  • Proposal of technological solutions 
  • Technical and economic study
  • Design documentation and building permit for wastewater treatment plants
  • Implementation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants 

Our services include turn-key deliveries of industrial wastewater treatment plants, in compliance with strict criteria for the discharge of effluents.