The EKOSYSTEM company was founded in 1991 and, from the very beginning, it established itself in the market for remediation geology, plants for treatment of drinking and industrial water, and environmental services. Subsequently, it has expanded its services to include development of wastewater treatment plants for municipal sewage water and industrial wastewater, and production of plastic weldments. Since its founding the company has been able to secure solid positions in all those segments.

As a general supplier or member of consortiums, the company has been involved in implementation of major projects in the field of remediation ecology, as well as in construction of water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants for municipal and industrial water.
The company has also expanded its production of plastic weldments to include special products, such as plastic vessels for water treatment plants, containers for chemicals, and comprehensive plastic units for the water management and chemical industries. 

The internal structure of the EKOSYSTEM company has been complemented with a construction division focused on building complete wastewater treatment plants.

The EKOSYSTEM company continues to maintain a high standard of quality that is based on its employees’ many years of experience.

In order to increase the standards of our services we have implemented our Code of Ethics, and the company has developed a comprehensive Crime Compliance program.