Production of plastic

Our production of plastic weldments has a long history, and it has maintained a very high standard of quality since the very beginning. We focus on the manufacture of water management plastic products for small customers and construction companies, as well as for regional organizations managing water mains and sewerage systems. The offered products include primarily:

  • underground and aboveground tanks 
  • digestion tanks and cesspits
  • pumping and water-meter manholes
  • traps for grease and light liquids

The technological equipment includes primarily:

  • deodorant filters
  • horizontal aerators
  • stripping (aeration) towers
  • sand traps

Another field of our activity is turn-key customized production from plastics in agreement with the customer´s specifications. Such products have accurately specified parameters of volume, type of substances to be in contact with them, and type of location (aboveground or underground). Our products are designed for drinking water, chemical production and wastewater treatment.

The welding technology uses a hot air gun and an extruder, with the aid of filler material for polyfusion welding and rolling on a welding machine.

All our products have quality certificates and meet applicable Czech standards (ČSN). All our products undergo certified tightness tests in agreement with applicable Czech standards.